Boutonniere / Wedding

Grateful Groom

Thoughtfully this groom saved a few stalks of wheat from his Grandfather’s casket spray for his wedding boutonnière. The groom’s middle name is Aike after his grandfather. Coming from Dutch descent Aike in translation means “oak”.  As I was making this special boutonnière I was wondering what I could use as a backing for it. It needed a backing so it would be noticeable on the grooms linen vest instead of blending in. As I was searching for foliage I happened upon an oak tree. The oak leaf was a sentimental gesture that made the grooms day even more special.

wheat boutineer

4 thoughts on “Grateful Groom

  1. What beautiful work! How thoughtful of you to include the Oak leaf, especially when the leaf had sentimental value to the groom. I also admire how you were able to make all the colours come together. The colours are all the same tone and compliment each other well. I can not wait to see what other creations you have created.

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