Arrangements / Christmas


The greenhouse was a flurry of activity. People were regularly coming and going but not without taking time to soak up the colour and warmth of the space. Red, pink and white poinsettias were surrounded by winter greens of boxwood, cedar and pine arranged beautifully around the showroom. As the sea of poinsettias started evaporating a colleague and I noticed there were some smaller poinsettias with healthy vines of ivy winding their way out of their pots. Together we wondered about a way to give the ivy more of a statement. Thinking in the direction of a trellis my colleague went looking for wire and I started playing with the dogwood branches. The dogwood branches were surprisingly more pliable than I had thought they would be. I put a few branches together in my hands and began to bend them into a rainbow shape. They seemed liked they would work well to create a trellis. Carefully moving leaves of the plant I took the thicker part of the dogwood branch and pushed about four branches close together deep in the soil of the poinsettia plant. I decided to put the branches on the two opposite sides of the pot near where the ivy was growing. With wire I attached the branches together as I bent them to meet and cross to create a trellis above the poinsettia flowers. Once the trellis was secure I carefully pulled apart the ivy and wound each vine around the dogwood trellis rotating the direction of the vines as I wrapped it around the trellis. Where the ivy hugged the trellis I strategically placed the wires I used to tie the trellis together to keep the ivy in place as well. This star-studded poinsettia plant played a supporting role as the ivy trellis playfully stole the show.



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