My name is Julie Wilting and I enjoy all things embellished! My purpose is to inspire and encourage others to use their gifts and to put their skills to good use. Doing what we are passionate about lifts our spirits and gives us hope when life is overwhelming.

To some the word embellish may suggest that something is “bedazzled.” I’ve also heard the word used to describe a type of conversation that happens when the truth gets in the way of a good story.

However, I’d like the word embellish to be understood as a way of taking care of something or a way of tending to things in order to preserve beauty. In Gen. 2:15 God gave Adam and Eve the mandate to work and take care of the garden of Eden. We are called to take care of things on this earth because all of it belongs to God. Whatever is placed in our hands is to be put it through a finishing process. It is to be protected, guarded, and nurtured so beauty can be preserved.

Not only do the things we have or make need to be embellished but also our spiritual lives need regular attention. John W. Ritenbaugh writes about the passage Genesis 2:15. He interprets it this way. “God is indicating that spiritual things in our lives are also going to have to be embellished, added to, dressed, and they will have to be kept from deteriorating and guarded. There is work involved in those activities. Proper management, or dominion, over the things that God has put within the scope of our authority take work. ”

Going the extra mile requires time and attention. An embellished life is full and sometimes a messy affair. It’s not a perfect life, but by giving it your all and doing our best you can have it as nice as you want it.




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